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Home Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee

General Chair
Casper Lassenius, Aalto University, Finland

Program Chairs

M. Ali Babar M. Ali Babar, ITU Copenhagen, Denmark
Christian Lescher Christian Lescher, Siemens Corporate Technology, Germany
Christof Ebert Steering Committee Coordinator
Christof Ebert, Vector Consulting, Germany
Alberto Avritzer Finance Chair
Alberto Avritzer, Siemens Corporate Research, USA
Rafael Prikladnicki Publicity Chair
Rafael Prikladnicki, PUCRS, Brazil
Claes Wohlin Doctoral Symposium Chair
Claes Wohlin, BTH, Sweden
Tutorials Chair
Morten Jensen, Schlumberger, Norway
Workshop Chairs
Marcelo Cataldo Marcelo Cataldo, CMU, USA
Yael Dubinsky Yael Dubinsky, IBM Research Haifa Labs, USA
Maria Paasivaara Local Organizing Chair
Maria Paasivaara, Aalto University, Finland

Local Organizing Committee
Arttu Piri, Aalto University
Tuomas Niinimäki, Aalto University
Mary-Ann Wikström Webmaster / Head of Conference Secretariat
Mary-Ann Wikström, Aalto University
Indira Nurdiani

Student Volunteer PARIS workshop
Indira Nurdiani
PhD Student

Liva Steinberga
University of Latvia

Liva has a double degree master student of software engineering at University of Latvia and Blekinge Institute of Technology. Her ongoing research is about software engineer motivation in globally distributed projects.

Rosalba Giuffrida
IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Rosalba Giuffrida is a PhD student at IT University of Copenhagen, researching on the use of Social Software in Global Software Development teams. She is focusing on qualitative empirical studies in distributed teams.

She has a Master in Computer Science and she has worked in infoFACTORY (Italy) with interests in web-based systems and solutions, social media, semantic web, and ontology engineering environments

Ville Heikkilä
Aalto University

Ville Heikkilä is currently employed as a researcher and PhD student in Aalto University School of Science.

His professional interest are focused on advances in software development methodologies, and specifically agile and lean methods.

Currently he is researching models for scaling agile software development methods to distributed and multi-team development environments.

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