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Conference Schedule


Schedule Overview

August 2011
Monday 15 Tuesday 16 Wednesday 17 Thursday 18



  • Globagile 2011, Global Software Engineering for Agile Teams
  • PARIS 2011, Methods and Tools for Project/ Architecture/Risk Management in Globally Distributed Software Development Projects


  • AGSE 2011, Architecting in Global Software Engineering
  • REMIDI 2011, 5th International Workshop on Tool Support Development and Management in Distributed Software Projects
Full day
  • CONES 2011, Center of Nordic Excellence in Software Engineering

ICGSE 2011

6th International Conference on

Global Software Engineering



  • Strategic Planning for Global Software Engineering
  • Global Software Engineering - Lessons from Industry
  • Distributed Agile Development CANCELLED


  • Coaching Distributed Agile Projects










The following papers have been accepted for publication in the ICGSE 2011 Proceedings:

  • Al-Ani, B., Wilensky, H., Redmiles, D. and Simmons, E. An Understanding of the Role of Trust in Knowledge Seeking and Acceptance ‎Practices in Distributed Development Teams
  • Almeida, L.H., Albuquerque, A.B. and Pinheiro, P.R. A Multi-criteria Model for Planning and Fine-tuning Distributed Scrum Projects
  • Barney, S., Wohlin, C., Chatzipetrou, P. and Angelis, L. Offshore Insourcing: A Case Study on Software Quality Alignment
  • Bavani, R. Governance Patterns in Global Software Engineering: Best Practices and Lessons Learned
  • Calefato, F., Lanubile, F. and Prikladnicki, R. A Controlled Experiment on the Effects of Machine Translation in Multilingual Requirements Meetings
  • Clear, T. Replicating an ‘Onshore’ Capstone Computing Project in a ‘Farshore’ Setting – an Experience Report
  • Deiters, C., Herrmann, C., Hildebrandt, R., Knauss, E., Kuhrmann, M., Rausch, A., Rumpe, B. and Schneider, K. GloSE-Lab: Teaching Global Software Engineering
  • Dittrich, Y. and Giuffrida, R. Exploring the Role of Instant Messaging in a Global Software Development Project
  • Dubinsky, Y., Ravid, S., Rafaeli, A. and Bal-Nahor, R. Governance Mechanisms in Global Development Environments
  • Gupta, M. and Fernandez, J. How Globally Distributed Software Teams Can Improve Their Collaboration Effectiveness
  • Hallikainen, M. Experiences on Agile seating, facilities and solutions, Multisite environment
  • Hoefner, G., Mani, V.S., Nambiar, R. and Apte, M. Fostering a High-Performance Culture in offshore software engineering teams using Balanced Scorecards and Project Scorecards
  • Koshima, A., Englebert, V., and Thiran, P. Distributed Collaborative Model Editing Framework for Domain Specific Modeling Tools
  • Kroll, J., Hess, E., Audy, J. and Prikladnicki, R. Researching into Follow-the-Sun Software Development: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Lamersdorf, A., Münch, J., Fernández-del Viso Torre, A. and Rebate Sánchez, C. A Risk-driven Model for Work Allocation in Global Software Development Projects
  • Manteli, C., Hooff, B. van den, Tang, A. and Vliet, H. van. The impact of Multi-site Software Governance on Knowledge Management
  • Nordio, M., Estler, H-C., Meyer, B., Tschannen, J., Ghezzi and Di Nitto, E. How does Distribution and Time Zones affect Software Development? A Case Study on Communication
  • Nuevo, E. del, Pino, F. and Piattini, M. Scrum-based Methodology for Distributed Software Development
  • Paasivaara, M. Coaching Global Software Development Projects
  • Prochazka, J., Kokott, M. and Chmelar, M. Keeping the spin – from idea to cash in 6 weeks. Success story of Agile/Lean transformation
  • Shah, H., Sinha, S. and Harrold, M.J. Outsourced, Offshored Software-Testing Practice: Vendor-Side Experiences
  • Solingen, R. van, Dullemond, K. and Gameren, B. van. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Board Game Usage to Teach GSE Dynamics
  • Stapel, K., Knauss, E., Schneider, K. and Zazworka, N. FLOW Mapping: Planning and Managing Communication in Distributed Teams
  • Stupperich, M. and Schneider, S. Process-focused Lessons Learned from a multi-site development project at Daimler Trucks
  • Tihinen, M., Parviainen, P., Suomalainen, T., Karhu, K. and Mannevaara M. ABB Experience of Boosting Controlling and Monitoring Activities in Collaborative Production
  • Wilson, B. and Ceuppens, K. Reverse Offshore Outsourcing Experiences in Global Software Engineering Projects
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