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Free/Open Source Software Development as an Approach to Global Software Engineering

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Speaker: Walt Scacchi

Institute for Software Research
University of California, Irvine

Free/Open Source Software Development (FOSSD) is not the same as Global Software Engineering (GSE). Why this is so is unclear and open to various interpretations. Both address the challenges of developing large software systems with globally dispersed teams, but the development processes, work practices, and project forms differ significantly and in interesting ways according to recent empirical studies. This presentation reports on highlights from such research studies over the past 10 years that relates to or informs our understanding of FOSSD, collaborative FOSSD work, FOSS evolution, and emerging FOSS ecosystems. FOSSD and GSE are complementary in many ways, yet different in others, so understanding these complements and differences can help advance the future of research in both areas. Some of these complements and differences are identified in this presentation, along with research challenge problems that merit further study in the next 5-10 years.

Walt Scacchi is senior research scientist and research faculty member in the Institute for Software Research (ISR), and also Director of Research at the Center for Computer Games and Virtual Worlds, both at University of California, Irvine. He received a Ph.D. in Information and Computer Science at UC Irvine in 1981. From 1981-1998, he was a professor at the University of Southern California. Dr. Scacchi returned to UC Irvine and joined ISR in 1999. His research interests include FOSSD, computer game culture and technology, virtual worlds for modeling and simulating complex engineering and business processes, software acquisition, and organizational analysis of system development projects. Dr. Scacchi is an active researcher with more than 150 research publications, and has directed more than 60 externally funded research projects, including 10 focused on studies of FOSSD. He also has had numerous consulting and visiting scientist positions with more than 25 firms or institutes, including four start-up ventures. His recent activities and research publications can be found at http://www.ics.uci.edu/~wscacchi

Christian Engblom

From Waterfall to Agile in Global Software Development at Ericsson

Wednesday, August 17th

Speaker: Christian Engblom

Ericsson Finland R & D

The Ericsson Finland R&D centre has during the past 2 years lived through the biggest change in it's history. We have changed our way of working from waterfall to lean and agile. And the change continues. Our current software development activities are spread across two countries, thus in our daily work we meet the challenges of global software development.  We have scaled the lean and agile practices for our organization consisting of several hundred persons. My presentation touches upon the reasons to enter this change journey and the challenges met during it. I will also describe the main principles of our new thinking and the effects it has had so far.

Mr Christian Engblom, member of the Ericsson Finland R&D management team, has a very long Ericsson background in several managerial roles. He joined Ericsson in 1979 and has since that held roles as project manager, product manager and line manager within the R&D as well as the market unit. areas. Currently he holds a position as driver for the Lean and Agile transformation within the R&D organisation in Finland and in addition to this he is actively involved in Lean & Agile change wave going through the entire Ericsson R&D world.

Kaj Arnö

Case MySQL AB: Doing Open Source Business with a Global Community of Developers

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Speaker: Kaj Arnö

EVP Products
SkySQL Ab, Munich

To MySQL AB, the company behind the eponymous database, the community of developers gave credibility, QA and a recruitment base, but hardly any code contributions. This presentation describes some of the learnings by MySQL AB, from 2001 when the company gained its first venture capital to 2008 when the company was acquired by Sun Microsystems Inc for $1 bn. The emphasis is on two aspects chosen for Global Software Engineering relevance: the management of a global team of developers, meeting physically just once a year, and the combination of software engineering goals with business goals in an Open Source environment.

Kaj Arnö joined MySQL AB in 2001 after 14 years as an entrepreneur. His first position was VP Training, launching MySQL AB’s training department. Since then, Kaj has served as VP Professional Services, VP Services, and VP Engineering at MySQL AB, before assuming his last pure-MySQL role of VP Community Relations in 2005. With MySQL AB being acquired by Sun and then Oracle, Kaj decided to give into his entrepreneurial urges once again and joined SkySQL as EVP Products. Kaj has a M.Sc. (Eng.) from Helsinki University of Technology, graduating in 1988 (Production Economics and Software Engineering). A native of Finland, Kaj has lived in Munich since 2006.

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